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performance for Metamersion - Healing Algorithms
Champalimaud Foundation | 2024

16 - 18 maio / may 2024

The Warehouse - Avenida Brasília, Doca Pesca F. Lisboa

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All around you is a performance for one audience member at the time. In contrast to the technological environment of the Metamersion event, this performance relies only on the body, the voice and simple actions to create a kind of immersive experience for an audience member. 

How to translate some of the principles that underlie the research on virtual reality, immersive environments and artificial intelligence to choreography without making use of any technological apparatus? How has technology been influencing the way we, as choreographers, perceive movement and create movement? How is it influencing the qualities of movement, its dynamics, its rhythms but also the ways of relating to each other, the “ways of seeing” and perceiving the world? 


Having these questions in mind, the performance guides the audience member through a path in the Metamersion space, calling attention to the coexistence of different times in our bodies and in the environment that surrounds us. Our body is inhabited by different bodies, by different ancestralities. And the connection to a deeper and larger notion of time, that escapes our human scale, seems essential to us in order to overcome the ideological trap we’ve been caught in since modern times: the separation between nature and humans. 


All around you calls for the active participation of the audience and to a certain extent it depends on it to exist. It could be seen as a close dialogue between performers and audience, but where those roles sometimes get mixed up because both create and are influenced by what the other creates, making each performance personal and unique.

Direcção Artística / Artistic Direction | Sofia Dias & Vítor Roriz

Interpretação / Performed by | Nina Botkay, Joana Manaças, Tarlie Lumby, Sofia Dias, Vítor Roriz

Som / Sound | Sofia Dias

Pano / Cloth | Catarina Dias

Administração / Administration | Cátia Mateus

Performance created for Metamersion -  Healing Algorithms 

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