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"Me voici sur une nouvelle voie: je mets une pomme sur ma table. Puis je me mets dans cette pomme. Quelle tranquillité!"

Henri Michaux

animism . obsession . systems

A performance about the relation between body, objects and space. An interaction through two different physical/mental states and the in-between possibilities: primal state connected to the absence of memory about the functionality of things, and the perception of the context as a landscape of textures; dispersive state connected to the juxtaposition of time and constant deviation of focus. The performance becomes a constant process of creating and getting out from very different logics of relation with each other, audience, objects and space.

The objects we use determine much of the meanings and readings of the performance. Depending on the context of presentation we could use trivial objects that we find during the preparation of the performance inside or outside the venue’s area; or we could use some specific objects that we ask to be done or offered by visual artists invited to think with us the possibilities of the performance; or we could opt for unused scenographic objects from our creative processes.


The performance is created in a site-specific logic, so it can be adapted to non-conventional spaces. Examples: Galleries, open spaces, studios etc.

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