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"Écrire, entendu comme un acte physique; une sculpture miniature, cet ensemble de mouvements, cette saisie de l’instrument qui attaque une surface, qui s’abat sur elle et la transforme. (...) Et tout est bon pour écrire; tout est bon pour recevoir l’écriture.”
Goncalo M. Tavares

trace . repetition . detour

Continuous writing with chalk on black boards.
Writing is a physical act, it is gesture and movement. This performance allows us to explore the ways in which written words become trace and drawing and then return to the familiarity of symbols to once again find the abstraction of gesture and of the body who writes.
We are interested in developing a research where the writing is thinking in action, as an automatic writing that assumes various forms such as dialogue, description, naming, drawing and even the sound of the writing material.

The performer's attention oscilates between each one of these possibilities that have the same degree of importance, seeking to reflect upon the subtle relations our mind finds to articulate events and give sense to what and how we perceive.


The performance is created in a site-specific logic, so it can be adapted to non-conventional spaces. Examples: Galleries, open spaces, studios etc.

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