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PACAP 2 - Advanced Program of Creation in Performing Arts

Curatorship by Sofia Dias & Vítor Roriz

September 2018 - March 2019, Fórum Dança (Lisbon, PT)

PACAP is a training/creation programme geared towards students and professionals in artistic areas, who intend to invest in a period of advanced experimentation, harmonizing it with a theoretical investigation and the exercise of body and movement practices.

The participants will have the opportunity to develop a project, working for a certain time on a potential space of content condensation that will promote investigation, creation, and public presentation.

The programme will combine body practice classes, theoretical seminars led by artists and academics, and coaching, aiming to activate the participant’s resources, feed their processes, and allow an opportunity to test methods and discover paradigms, forms of collaboration and presentation, that configure a sketch of personal practice in the field of performing arts.

Each edition of the programme will have a duration of 4 to 6 months, and will have the curatorship of an artist of the performative field, going back to the root of the concept of Curator as one that cares, maintains and transmits a live heritage.




Sofia Dias and Vítor Roriz


Dora Carvalho



Neil Callaghan, Alex Cassal, João Fiadeiro, Philipp Gehmacher, Jared Gradinger, Miguel Gutierrez, Nádia Lauro, Christiane Jatahy, Vera Mantero, João dos Santos Martins, Tiago Rodrigues, Vânia Rovisco, Teresa Silva, Miguel Pereira, Jonathan Saldanha, Luís Guerra, Francisco Camacho, among others.


Curatorship by Sofia Dias & Vítor Roriz


The second edition of PACAP is an invitation to doing, because it is in doing that we find ourselves and where our intentions and desires become clear. It is an invitation to failure, because failure is inseparable from doing, since there is always something that fails or lacks when we take the risk of making something out of our partial experience of the world. And it is an invitation to vulnerability, to exposure, to putting oneself in danger and to walking along a border, since these are qualities of every place in creation and also of what we intend for PACAP.


In this place of creation, we will search for the means to reveal experiences, exploring the tension between form and content, between the universal and the particular, between the personal and the shareable, between subjectivity, discourse and language.


Here there are no expectations about efficiency as the outcome of a process, in the same way that we are suspicious of consensus as a goal. There should always be something that is unbalanced or that simply refuses to fit. Because it is in the flaws and in what is lacking that perception expands and that we leave place for the other. In PACAP 2, being with the other, creating with and from the other, are premises to fail loudly and to think differently about the creative process.


With a focus on methodologies of creation and presentation formats, PACAP 2 seeks to stay close to each participant in their research and experimentation of an idea or choreographic material until the moment of its public presentation.


We will test different modes of getting into action and of translating desire into matter. We will favor the relation to what is perhaps most intimate - our imagery - the combination of experiences, readings, images, sensations, and “things” in effervescence in our mind/body that determines many of our choices when we create. We will explore the interdependence between individual research and modes of relating to an audience: What formats do we choose to present the research? What format does the research point to? And how does the presentation format inform and influence the direction, the dramaturgy, and the methodology of creation?

We will exposed to the practices and mindsets of an eclectic group of choreographers, directors, set designers, and performers, who share the same kind of curiosity and need to invade and test different modes of doing, thinking, and communicating.

We will be able to work and present the individual and collective projects in different venues (theatres, galleries, ateliers, libraries, rehearsal spaces, black boxes, etc) aiming to expand the relationship with space, time, and the observer.


Sofia Dias & Vítor Roriz





PACAP 2 is a six-month program open to 15 participants who want to develop their formal and technical capacities in a critical context. The program includes individual mentoring by the program curators, research and creation labs, theoretical seminars, residencies, presentations, and access to other resources.


PACAP 2 is divided in two periods. A first period, from September to December 2018, includes research labs and crash meetings with the guest artists. In the second period, from January to March 2019, participants will research and present their own projects. In each of these periods there will be a series of other activities, routines and encounters.




PACAP 2 begins with a six-day residency at O Espaço do Tempo (in Montemor-o-Novo), led by the curators. In this residency, references, personal practices, and a series of collaborative and collective-thinking methodologies will be shared, to encourage autonomy and take advantage of the creative diversity of the group. It is essential that, from the beginning, the participants recognize their peers as the main resource of PACAP.




Between September and December 2018, the participants will have the opportunity to meet a group of 9 artists that will share their modes of research and creation, in labs from 3 to 10 days.


Invited artists: Neil Callaghan, Alex Cassal, João Fiadeiro, Philipp Gehmacher, Jared Gradinger, Miguel Gutierrez, Nadia Lauro, Sofia Dias and Vítor Roriz.




Each research lab will be followed by a period of creative/critical answer by the participants. This is the moment for each participant to deepen the lab’s experience, to see their own project through the “lens” of the invited artists and give a “performative” feedback. These answers will also be an opportunity to tryout different presentation formats.




Between each lab, there will be occasional meetings with artists living or passing through Lisbon. These meetings will last a few hours and may take different forms: a technical class, a performance, a visit to the artist’s workspace, a lecture, a spatial intervention, etc.


Invited artists: Christiane Jatahy, Vera Mantero, João dos Santos Martins, Tiago Rodrigues, Vânia Rovisco, Luís Guerra, Miguel Pereira, John Romão among others.



Over seven weeks, between January and March 2019, the participants will develop their creation projects.  The curators and other instigators will mentor and follow each project. Part of the process will be developed in different spaces in the city (theatres, galleries, ateliers, libraries, rehearsal rooms, black boxes, etc), looking for a convergence between the specificities of the individual projects and the workspaces.




A series of five theoretical seminars will punctuate the creative process. The seminars intend to promote discussion and reflection around themes such as the imagination as a place of resistance and freedom, the articulation and mapping of doing-thinking, the relationship between body-writing, body-text, and body-object, and other themes.


Guests: Liliana Coutinho, Francisco Frazão, among others.




In order to enhance the relation between the presentation formats and the creative methodologies, we will make a detour towards the book as a laboratory of aesthetic experiments and place of performance: How can our research  be presented in the form of a book? What other directions appear if the book becomes the medium of our performance? How to see the book as performance?


Guests: Paulo Pires do Vale, Ghost Editions.




Throughout the six months of PACAP, there will be daily classes covering dance technique, voice, movement research and other practices taught by the lab guests and invited artists.


Guests: Neil Callaghan, Sofia Dias, João Fiadeiro, Philipp Gehmacher, Miguel Gutierrez, João dos Santos Martins, Vítor Roriz, Vânia Rovisco, Teresa Silva, Francisco Camacho, Luís Guerra.




One of the main intentions of PACAP 2 is to find the most appropriate format or medium to convey the specificities of each participant's research. The presentations can take different forms: a show, a performance, a text, a lecture, a practice, an installation, a sound or film experience, among others.


During PACAP 2 there will be moments of internal presentations (by invitation) and public presentations (open to the community):

  1. Internal presentation of the 1st phase of the individual project (end September 2018)

  2. Internal presentation of the Creative/Critical Response to the Research Labs (September to December 2018)

  3. Internal presentation of the 2nd phase of the individual project (end December 2018)

  4. Internal presentation of the 3rd phase of the individual project / work in progress of the Creative Process (January 2019)

  5. Public presentation of the individual project / final result of the Creative Process (end of February 2019)

  6. Public presentation of the book project and documentation (March 2019)


Most presentations will be followed by a period of feedback and reflection.

Note: Efforts are being made to present some of the projects in theatres outside Lisbon during March and April 2019.




In the last two weeks of the pogram, the participants will be mentored in the production, management and touring of their projects (project file and search for partners for future presentations).


Guests: Ana Rita Osório and others.


Dancers, choreographers, performers and other artists with performance, body and movement practices. Older than 23 (with no upper age limit). The program is open to applications for individual and duet artists.



10 September 2018 till 8th March 2019* (pause from 22nd December 2018 till the 2nd January 2019)

Mon. – Fri. 10am - 5h30pm

* Possibility of extension of the program until March 24, 2019, for touring of the final projects (to be confirmed during the audition period)

The participants must be available during the whole period of the program. Other commitments besides PACAP 2 should be kept to a minimum and communicated during the interview/audition to the curators and to the Forum Dança directors.




Participants will be selected by the program curators and Forum Dança directors, and will occur in two phases:


Application should be submitted by e-mail ( by 27th April 2018 and include the following documents:

  • Curriculum vitae (maximum two pages, A4, pdf)

  • Motivation letter (maximum 400 words, pdf)

  • Short proposal of a project to develop at PACAP (maximum 400 words, pdf)

  • Presentation of previous works (video and/or photos with online link, as performer or creator)

  • Presentation of a work of another artist that influenced you (maximum 400 words, pdf)

  • Preferred audition location (Lisbon or Toulouse)

Candidates selected for an audition will be contacted by 4 May 2018.



Only for candidates selected in Phase 1.

Audition Dates:

Lisbon (PT): 7 and 8 June 2018 - Fórum Dança


Toulouse (FR): 16 and 17 June 2018 - CDCN Toulouse Occitanie

Final results: 25 June 2018


Registration: 100€ (by 13 July)

Payment in full: 1800€ (by 4 September)

Payment in two instalments: 940€ x 2 (by 4 September and 1 December)

Payment in three instalments: 680 x 3 (by 4 September, 4 November and 4 January)

The participants must cover the cost of living in Lisbon (accommodation and meals) in addition to PACAP tuition.

Forum Dança will assist participants in finding accommodation in Lisbon and can provide letters or other necessary documents for funding applications request.

More informations:

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