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“We have to recognize a very recent and strong attraction to the abyss.”


debris . simultaneity . fragmentation . double

A spoken word performance where we articulate different texts from different sources. Most of the texts are improvised, other are evocations of texts created during our work process and other are excerpts from our literary, poetic, philosphy or film references. The way texts are said is connected to a choreographic logic. The departing point of most of the text is movement or gesture - gesture evokes an image that suggests a word and from there on a narrative is created. Gesture can iniciate but also interrupt or deviate the meaning of text. We're interested on that feedback dynamics between spoken word and movement. Absurdity, humour, intimacy, the construction of small narratives the emptiness and the judgement about what we're saying are some of the nuances this performance can exhibit.

The performance is created in a site-specific logic, so it can be adapted to non-conventional spaces. Examples: Galleries, open spaces, studios etc.

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